April 29, 2016

It's time for Talmadge Art Show

Mother's Day will be here before you know it.
Are you ready to celebrate, to give gratitude, to show love and spoil the woman who is your one and only mom?  There's no one like her and, when you give the gift of handmade, that gift is one-of-a-kind too.

Dear friends, come see me for a hug and hello at Talmadge Art Show this Sunday, from 10a to 4p.  Let your nose lead you to the scent of lavender which fills my booth.  I'll have my usual complement of textile goods and beaded treats -- all new and recently made -- ready to take home to Mom.

Remember, Talmadge Art Show is in a new location with plenty of on-site parking. Click "directions" below to find us inside the Conference Center at Liberty Station.

If you cannot get to the show, please write for studio appointments.

Here's wishing you a wonderful summer.
❤️, Lauren

January 1, 2016


This would be my friend who lives across the street.  She was having a devil of a time with an upcoming milestone birthday, but she is sooooo fabulous that I didn't think the new decade would matter on her.  Over time, I hope she will discover this.  My friend is a dark-haired beauty with lush eyelashes, a taut figure from dedication to the gym and an enviable disposition.  On top of all that she's a Southern woman brimming with the classic charm that comes from being raised in Atlanta.  I love her to pieces!  The secret writing goes like this:  "Age is a matter of the mind; if you don't mind, it doesn't matter."  My friend is ageless.

8" x 10", acrylic and collage

December 29, 2015


Reduce, reuse, recycle, right?  Sometimes shipped packages contain scrunched up brown paper as stuffing.  Smoothed out and laid flat, the paper seems to have come off of rolls and are perforated.  I've used some as gift wrap as in "brown paper packages tied up with string."  This time I tore them along the perforations, smoothed and folded each piece carefully, then sewed them with my sewing machine.  A dedicated needle just for sewing paper using ages-old thread still on wooden spools further reduced waste, and voilĂ , new packaging for 2016.  If you buy a bookstring from me at my next show, it will go home with you in one of these.

May 7, 2015

All the Latest

Woah, it's been five months since I was here.  Since then, we've had Christmas, a new year, a new Chinese year, my birthday and, yes, another Talmadge Art Show, which means Mother's Day is very soon.  I don't have any further shows scheduled yet, but plan to.

My gratitude and thanks to everyone who came out for Talmadge and found us in the new location at Liberty Station's Convention Center.  The lighting in the building is not as bright as in the Event Center, but we made do with what we had.  Here's an image of the room, with my booth in gold/yellow, among 70+ other artists.  Gosh, there's a lot of interesting work out there!

I've been working on small, pleated, shibori-dyed pieces.  These became brooches and necklaces, and were well received at the show.  I was inspired by Eva of Tinctory who allowed me kind permission to base my new work on hers.  Mine are similar to her work, but different.  If you have not discovered Tinctory, I recommend a visit to this immaculately groomed blog. 

Other goodies I'm working on are tassels for fine bookstrings.  You'll find examples in my shop.  Stay tuned -- kimono and shibori silk rag baskets could be making a comeback too.

November 18, 2014

Talmadge Art Show

This Sunday, find me with my lavender goods and bookstrings at Talmadge Art Show at Liberty Station in San Diego.  My usual spot is against the East windows.  Follow your nose to the lavender scent.  Here is a link to the location.  See you there for a hug and a hello!

Thank you for shopping local and supporting an independent artisan.

November 11, 2014

Eye Masks

Eye masks are filled with lavender and flaxseed for a relaxing nap.  These are some of the hand-dyed silks I'm sewing for Monday's event.  Check the sidebar for the address and get 'em before they're gone.  You know you want one (or two).

October 28, 2014

Artisan Festival

November 2, Sunday * 9am to 3pm
Artisan Festival
Temple Emanu-El
San Diego, California

Please join me to begin your holiday shopping.  You'll see two items in my booth:  Beaded bookstrings long enough to wear as lariats and relaxing lavender-filled eye masks in Doshi-silks.

This event is produced by the WRJ Sisterhood at Temple Emanu-El, 6299 Capri Drive in San Diego, a group of women dedicated to do mitzvoth, or good deeds, and enhancing friendships.  Funds earned from their raffle is donated back to the community.  Raffle prizes are items donated by each attending artisan.  If nothing else, come to see this temple.  It's an architectural masterpiece designed by architect David Singer and sacred space designer Laurie Gross Schaefer.

September 20, 2014

Abandoned No More

A bowl of mixed beads captured my attention because of the colors, textures and different sizes, but inspiration eluded me for years, like since 2010.  What to do with them?  A few pearls were added, then strung and hand knotted.  What a simple little necklace.  I think I'll wear it today.

Years ago I worked in a bead store.  These orangey-red jasper beads were on my Want List for weeks until I finally purchased them.  Employee discounts are a good thing!  The beads became a necklace separated by bright vermeil spacers.  It never laid well on my neck, it was heavy and the shiny gold was passe.  It was never worn.  This week I took it apart and reworked it.  The green glass gives it some punch, and the wavy antiqued brass "sequins" create an interesting V-shape along the angled sides of the jasper drops.  This beauty is now in my online shop.  Make it yours.

July 18, 2014

First Thursdays Art

Come see me for a hug and a hello at this wonderful venue, The Headquarters, in San Diego's waterfront area.  I'll have lavender pillows in beautiful Asian fabrics and bookstrings.  Something else is in the works too, so stay tuned.

May 2, 2014

Fine Bookstrings

Save the place in your reading material with the finest bookmark ever (IMHO). I made tassels of seed pearls and finished the other end with Peking glass -- look closely on the metal sleeves of the teardrops for the brilliant blue Kingfisher feather snips. Other materials I used are pink tourmaline, vintage ivory, carved bone, tanzanite, wood, Swarovski crystals, brass, red cinnabar and glass. Two of my favorites are the green agates carved with golden dragons and the pearlized Om beads from an old mala.

Your hardcovers and paperbacks deserve the enhancement and will feel good as something to fondle while you read. These bookstrings will be available at the Talmadge Art Show this Sunday. See the sidebar for more information. Those that remain will be sold in my online shop next week. If you see something you like, write to me and I'll put it aside. They are $65 each.