August 27, 2007

Hand Stitching the Binding

I'm sorry if your eyes hurt as you look at this blurred image. My eyes hurt too. This is the back of the quilt. For hand stitching, I like to pull thread through a lump of beeswax, piling it loosely inside a brown paper bag, and press the bag with a warm iron. The heat melts the wax into the thread and makes it stronger, keeps the thread from twisting and is ever so nice to make hand stitches with. Sometimes I don't even cut the thread from the spool, so it can be rewound.

It will take a couple of days to bind this quilt, then it's back to stitching inventory again. I'll stock up on lavender pillows, dolls, and a couple of small quilts, all before November shows. It sounds like fun to me, after all, it requires SEWING!

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