September 5, 2007

Bird Nest

How is it that birds can make such lovely homes without instructions, classes, patterns or examples?  The fence between our house and our neighbor's is being replaced. Yesterday, this organic abode clung to the back of a vine in Janice's and Paul's garden.  Today, a fence builder must have torn it from the vine because I found it laying on the ground in our garden.  I suspected there were birds living there because a pair continually flew into our orange tree to access their quarters, probably to feed their young.  The nest is empty.  There aren't even any feathers or bits of shell in it.

Behind the nest in my photo is a string of colorful lights made to resemble spools of thread.  My brother-in-law Kuan (aka Kuanza) brought it back from Thailand esp for me after a three month globe-trot: Philippines, Singapore, Scotland, Ireland, England, New York City, then back to San Diego.  This is the ideal gift for the seamstress who patches the holes in Kuanza's favorite clothes.

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