September 8, 2007


Dollmaking begins for upcoming holiday shows.  There are exactly 70 days between now and the first sale.  I like to take one pattern, sew a bunch of dolls from it and then make each one unique.  Today I'm testing a pattern by Barbara Roberts called "Yoruba" which is named for a group of people in West Africa.  Although Barbara's doll is dressed to resemble a West African, my doll(s) will probably not have an ethnicity.  In fact, the skin may be striped, spotted, flowered or have geometric markings.  As for clothing, we'll see where the creative process leads.  It's kind of exciting to not know what will happen next.  Like opening the prize from inside a box of Cracker Jacks.  Will I get a plastic ring, a tiny pinball game or a lousy booklet of tattoos?

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