September 6, 2007

Professional Organizing, or Fussing and Futzing?

I am thinking of a career change.  Over the years I've considered it.  Once I was offered a project by our Minister of the Interior (aka interior designer), Ben Garduño:  He had a client who really needed help in their garage, but I turned it down.  My head wasn't in a place where I was comfortable moving around other people's belongings or asking if they really needed to keep something.  I have been organizing for a long time already:  weddings, office moves, home moves, desks of all my bosses, my parents's home, and of course our own home.  I just don't know yet how the pros do it.  Might be fun to learn!

My boss's wife, Dorie DeFranco, hooked me up with Bonnie Zoe Winn.  Bonnie is a professional organizer, a board member and past president of the local chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (not to be confused with National Association of Pizzeria Operators -- .com and .net take you to different places).  She was encouraging and had an infectious energy.  It's fun to think about doing something that I could be successful at.  The kicker occured this weekend when I said out loud, "Ya know what I think my next career will be?" and both my husband and sister shouted, "PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZER."  Hmmm.

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