September 9, 2007

Grandma's Handstitches and Yoruba Sample Doll

Today while folding clean laundry, my oil-splattered tee shirts said, "You've GOT to wear an apron!"  I don't know if you've noticed, but aprons seem to be making a comeback.  There are plenty of patterns available, and vintage ones are esp wonderful.  I don't need to make an apron -- I have my maternal Grandma's spare.  Because she always wore her faded blue floral, this one was newly made but kept in a drawer, unused.  Here is a picture of the closure.  I love to look at her handstitched buttonhole.  It makes me feel good.

The Yoruba sample doll's fabric is brown cotton/polyester, which turned out to be quite yucky.  While stuffing the arm, the wrist burst open due to the loose weave.  I'll finish the body and make clothes for her (she's modest), but this girl will stay home with me.  Tomorrow I'll cut out her sisters in higher quality 100% cotton.  Ooh, boy, I can't wait for tomorrow!

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