September 29, 2007

Kitty Litter Box, homemade

Rather than spend $35 on a new litter box for our kitty kritters, I made one from a $10 plastic storage bin with a locking cover.  Sorry for the photo (is this like showing a toilet?), but it might be useful, plus it's clean.  I marked a rectangle on the short end about 4" from the bottom to keep litter from spilling out.  I cut the rectangle with a razor blade.  (There must be something better to cut through thick plastic, and I was too stubborn/lazy to go to the hardware store.)  To make a swinging door for the hole, I cut another rectangle from a plastic file folder slightly narrower than the hole, and 3/4" longer.  Using heavy duty packing tape, the plastic was adhered at the top on the inside and outside, with the extra 3/4" plastic overlapping on the bottom.  When a cat goes inside, the extra length helps to keep any bits of litter inside the box.  The smells and dust stay inside the box too, and removing the locking lid makes cleaning easy.


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great idea. I've seen other storage container litter boxes online, and yours looks the nicest. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am trying to visualize how this would work. If the door is 3/4" longer than the hole and the overlap is on the bottom, how does the door swing?
I have bought the materials and am reday to make it, but I was stumped by this.

Lauren said...

Hi and thanks for your question. The "hinge" is 2" wide clear packing tape. The pink plastic "door" is taped on inside and outside to the top opening. If this doesn't make sense, write to me again at laurenchongsng(at)gmail(dot)com.