September 25, 2007

Sewing Dolls, Phase 7

I have to stop calling it a mess.  It's not messy at all (yet).  These are today's stuffed legs.  I like the shape of the toes en pointe -- so ballet-like!  Shakespeare In Love kept me from doing more, but that's okay.  The pointe ;-) is to enjoy the process.

The cactus flower is an epiphyllum.  It blooms in the evening, has a heavenly-scent all night long, and is spent by morning.  The flower lasts for one night only.  The plant was left behind by the original owners of our home.  Now several people have cuttings, including my Mom who has had success with blooms.

On the way to dinner this evening, we saw a man on a bicycle waiting for the light to turn.  He wore a black baseball cap with something white perched on top.  As we got closer, we saw it moving.  It was a pet rat!

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