September 11, 2007

Space Planning

Without realizing it, I have begun my new career.  Shh, don't tell me -- if I know, I might become frightened and chicken out.  Actually, that's EXACTLY what happened.  I was asked to space-plan an office.  I stared at the layout and the list of furniture, and I panicked.  I even went back to the person who made the request and said, "Wouldn't this be better off in the hands of a professional?"  The professional I had in mind is due to depart for a week first thing tomorrow morning and I didn't want to impose.  Instead I suffered through it.  Suffering included discouraging thoughts, inadequate confidence, concern about pleasing the inhabitants, and going blank... all the usual stuff.  I must have entertained these thoughts for about 45 wasted minutes.  When I came to, I figured I could copy the existing plan, weed out items, and then put things where I would like them for a good flow of traffic.  Nothing is permanent and most can be changed.  VOILA, I did it!

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