September 2, 2007

Stones for Stepping

My sister Janine and I made "mud pies" today -- three, to be exact.  The first two were small ones using seashells which our nephew and niece found at Coronado beach.  The third will become a centerpiece in a walkway of my sister's garden.  "What do you think of this?"  "I like it."  "How about this?"  "It's okay, but try it like this."  "Ooh, yeah, I like that better."  It was fun to collaborate on making stuff, just like when we were little.  How fun for me that she's one of my best friends.

My almost-brother-in-law furnishes his and Janine's house with flowers from his family's florist and greenhouse business.  Their well-known El Camino Real establishment has been serving many of what were once San Francisco's "country homes" since 1933.  Now I think they serve just about everyone.  I love to think about all the creativity going on in their workshops.

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Omneya said...

Oh Lauren, the idea of that garden centre piece is so nice, may be I can try it one day in the carden of our north cost home, but I have to begin with that of the small plates, is it cement which u used, or a kind of glue? omneya