September 27, 2007

Questioning Myself

There are 51 days until the first art show of the holiday season.  For sale will be vintage kimono silk rag baskets, leather-string bookmarks with antique Peking glass and, of course, lavender pillows and cloth dolls.  Is that enough to sell?  Will my booth be too sparse?  Will I finish everything in time?  Will my office job leave me with enough energy and desire to create during these remaining days?  Will my customers like my work?  Will I remember the names of my regulars?  Will there be others who walk past without noticing?  Will I be able to fulfill my home duties without strain on my husband and our two kitties?  YES to all these question and YES I worry.

I just remembered having unfinished quilts to sell this season.  Above is a handstitched felt garland for sale too.  The colors are happy!

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