October 26, 2007

Five Minutes to Blog

This is my new rule until I feel comfortable with the amount of finished inventory. Yep, that's it, five minutes to barf out whatever I need to say, at least until the bins are full of product. Once I realized I only had 23 days before show time (now, 22 days), I gave myself a case of insomnia. I didn't dilly-dally at the office today either, and went straight home to change gears. I have gone from incomplete dolls to cutting fabric for lavender pillows.

While preparing for Mother's Day shows, I forgot about my Chinese silk stash. I got so caught up buying Japanese fabrics that the brocades got lonely in the closet! So this time I prepared a lot to make up for the omission. Vintage brocades are much harder to find and I refuse to cut up old garments which are still wearable. When I buy brocades, they are usually ~5 yard cuts, still in their wrappers and always from someone who visited Hong Kong in the 1950s and 60s. Sometimes I get new brocades -- the woven designs are virtually the same.

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