October 24, 2007

I Can Breath Again

This is the back of the Firestorm Doll.  I made a shrug for her.

Things are much better for Tien, Magellan, Coppélia and me.  This morning’s news was more of the same as late yesterday’s -- thank goodness.  The winds have turned and the fires are heading eastward, so the peril continues for others.  Our cars inside the garage are dusted with a thin layer of ash.  This is nothing to complain about.  No one we know (so far) has lost anything -- thank goodness again.

I am not looking forward to the blaming that inevitably follows a tragedy such as this.  Yesterday, Ah-nold was being interviewed by a reporter who implied errors.  His reply was, "You are looking for mistakes.  There aren't any."  I loved how he shut down her line of questioning.  The national news is still crazily spinning exaggerations, but unless the local news can be compared with it, it is impossible to see the differences.

I went to the office for the first time this week and it felt good to be there.  This evening I began putting away our IDs, treasured photos, electronics, jewelry, and a few cookbooks I can’t do without.  Teacups I found in the Toisan village house of my maternal great-great-grandfather went back into a safe place and, of course, textiles had to be unpacked too:  a length of linen hand-woven by my maternal great-grandmother, antique quilt tops and some items I made over the years, such as the Chong family history quilt, and recently sewn dolls and silk rag baskets.  Good thing we did not have to leave.  I might have gathered more.

The news says the air is still unhealthy but at least the smoke smell is no longer overwhelming.  Cool ocean breezes are wonderful!  It is not everyday I am grateful for breathable air, something normally taken for granted, so I inhaled deeply while at the office.  Did I mention we have an ocean view there?

Thank you again for all your emails, messages and phone calls!  We love you.

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