October 22, 2007

Scary Fire

The fires are really bad.  Tien rushed home from Mexico, skipping this morning's round of golf.  The Santa Ana winds of Sunday afternoon caused balls to blow off tees and roll uphill (huh?!).  It made for a challenging game.  I was glad to have him back home well before noon.

Air quality is terrible and sunlight filters through brown skies.  Bits of ash and soot are collecting in the paved corners of our garden.  I can't get the burning smell out of my nose, even inside the house, and a dull headache has been constant.  Tien says my hair is smoke-scented and I have not gone outside!

We are on the boundary of the most recent advisory evacuation order, so we've taken photographs of our home and packed a few things.  We are ready to go in case there is a mandatory evacuation.  Evacuation orders clear neighborhoods before it becomes life threatening and for emergency response vehicles, if necessary.  Have you heard of "reverse 911 calls?"  Recorded emergency notifications ring at your telephone -- very useful.  We will leave when they tell us to.

I did not go to the office today and sewing was not a pleasure.  Not sure what will happen overnight, but we are glued to the TV.  More later.

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