October 27, 2007

Sewing Lavender Pillows Like Crazy

I sewed for 18 hours today, stopping only to eat.  Normally I like to sleep late, esp after another case of insomnia, but but I rose early due to inventory panic.  I worked really hard on the pile you saw yesterday.  First, ABC Rags labels were positioned with fabric glue, then carefully stitched into place and, finally, thread tails were pulled through to the back and knotted.  It's not nice to have hanging threads and I would be mortified if someone pointed out sloppy workmanship.  Next, the back and sides were sewn up, leaving a hole to pour in pure French lavender.  Before the scent goes in, corners must be trimmed and pillows must be turned right side out.  There are wonderful fabrics:  machine embroideries, hand embroideries and painted pieces too -- all luscious.  Some of these fabrics I purchased in Japan this past spring at an antique market in Kyoto -- now that was heaven on earth.

The fire stories are starting to come out.  This is a photo from today's newspaper (Sean M. Haffey of Union Tribune).  Because of changing winds, some houses were untouched and others burned to the ground.  This photo is particularly interesting because these side-by-side cul-de-sacs are mirror images.  So far no one we know has lost a home, but we hear about friends-of-friends who have.  It is such a tragedy.

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