October 21, 2007

Sunday, A Free Day to Sew

Tien went to Bajamar for his annual golf overnighter.  This left me with hours and hours to sew.  The first doll was another simple gathered skirt made from Doshi's shibori silk scraps.  Flowers made from the same silk will embellish her waist and her shoulders, but this doll will remain mostly deep red for simplicity.

The second doll wears a trapeze dress over pasties and boy-shorts (ooh!).  They'll be hard to see unless I raise her dress, but that's not very polite.

My only foray outside was at 3p to visit big-sis Nancy.  Along the way, I noticed the beautiful sky turning brown and the dangerous smell of smoke.  All morning I had been watching Turner Classic Movies which does not do local news, so Nancy updated me on the various fires around San Diego county.  Just walking back to my car, ashes got into my eyes.  At home air quality inside our house is terrible and my eyes are burning from the smoke, esp since the sewing room faces east where the Santa Ana winds are coming from.  I can still hear trees blowing tonight and it is expected to continue until tomorrow evening.  It makes the fires move faster.  At least our bedroom is on the west side of the house, so the smell is not as severe.

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