October 31, 2007

Click on the Image!

Click on the image for a larger photo of my kimono silk rag baskets.  To get an up-close-and-personal, come to one of my three San Diego shows!  Read how I made them on an earlier post.  I'm excited about these baskets.  It feels wonderful to create something beautiful.  Conversely, it feels terrible when it doesn't come out right and, believe me, there are plenty of those.  If you can't get to a show, here is a photo of the flowers on the light blue basket.  Yup, I made each one of those flowers and sewed on every seed bead.  Now you see why it takes so long.

This afternoon I watched the movie The Haunting, with Julie Harris and Claire Bloom from 1963.  The first time my sister and I watched it was on Halloween night when we were little.  Today we both remembered how it scared us to death!

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