November 4, 2007

Blue Haired Old Lady

I have always liked the color blue.  I have never liked orange (such as cooked carrots), but now it's one of my favorites (the color; not the carrots).  What's new for me is using a lot of blue and orange together.  This blue mohair-hair is a controlled mess with one strand of grey yarn to represent aging and bits of blue and gold eyelash yarn for fun.  There are three pieces of blue yarn that reminds me of shoe laces -- a wonderful knitter named Carolyn Simpson gave me her stash of yarn scraps and this was one of them.  She's on my mind whenever I pull from the bag.  I put upholstery weight thread through the shoe lace yarn, pulled it and it looked like a scrunchy.  The gold beads on the edge of the bolero vest are lined in 14k gold (according to the label).  I used them to hem my wedding gown.  Each stitch had a gold bead in it, exactly like the edge of the bolero vest.

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