November 15, 2007

Chatav Ectabit

I can be a leetle pushy.  Tonight I insisted Tien's cousin Clifford sit with me at a family meal.  First, a little background as I know it.  Two of Cliff's previous employers were Fred Segal and Maxfield in LA, giving him access to the best of the best, most gorgeous clothing one dreams about or sees only in fashion mags.  Over the years, Cliff let slip he was at so-and-so's birthday party or designed interior space for so-and-so or, while discussing actresses, that so-and-so is actually a very nice person, using names we commoners merely read about in gossip rags.  Don't get me wrong, Cliff is not boastful; it's just he really does hang out with these folks.  Anyhoo, sitting with Cliff was a treat for me (and you know how easily I thrill).  He and his business partner established Chatav Ectabit and produce, at every step of the way, a limited line of clothing.  What's more, their clothing is (gasp!) HAND SEWN by highly-skilled Indian artisans, sometimes with vintage bits in hidden places.  How cool is that if you love hand stitching and secrets like I do?!!  I told him about my newest interest, tambour work (embellishing with a hook from the wrong side of the fabric), and his exclamation, "That's what we do!" was the feather that knocked me over onto the Chinese restaurant's filthy carpet.  When he invited us to travel with him on his next overseas trip, I began reaching for smelling salts.  Okay, so we also talked about his last relationship, his new Great Dane and recent travel, all the usual stuff, but it's the stitching that always turns my crank.  Take a looksee at his website -- it's marvelous.  Admission of guilt:  the image was stolen from cousin Peter Fong's blog...  Please excuse my hyperventilating, as I've married into an equally creative family, to be sure.

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