November 9, 2007

Feeling Pretty Good!

Elegant Cow Girl got her up-do in two tiers.  Brass beads were sewn into the hair around her face.  She also got a mo-haircut.  Little bits of fuzz stuck out everywhere, as is the nature of mohair yarn, and it looked much neater once the fuzz was clipped  Yo-Yo Girl's bob is kind of severe, so she may get a new look before going out into the world.  The original Yoruba "guinea pig" is my favorite so far because of her dreamy expression and her big silvery-grey locks.  She doesn't have shoes and her dress looks rather like an upscale peasant's.

This is a bonafide sewing mess.  It's terribly messy!  It will take several hours to straighten the room, but that will come later.  I love being in the middle of it all -- everything at my fingertips, but sometimes things get lost.  I'm feeling pretty good that my work is nearing completion.  I will be ready for my shows.

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