November 28, 2007

Field of Flowers

I'm back to doll making.  Actually, I am working on one doll, although five others remain.  Oh my, it's slow going...  Each flower takes time to finish:  cut, seal edges, running stitch, gather, knot, push raw edges into center, seal center, bead, knot, and cut thread; begin again.  Truly, I cut and seal ten "ribbons" at once, then sew.  A lot more little flowers will be needed to cover that skirt form!  I'm still on a blue and orange kick.  I love it!

There is a store one block from my office called Needle Nook.  They have a lucious inventory of threads, yarns, ribbons and floss in wool, silk and cotton, plus beads, books and notions, all necessities for my work, and the ladies are friendly.  I have been looking for excuses to go in every day, like today when I spent $1.62 on two hanks of shiny floss to wrap a gift.

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