November 26, 2007


I have nothing to show for the past several days.  As today's title suggests, that's about all we did:  EAT.  Wednesday was Dad's 82nd birthday and Trattoria La Siciliana served a family-style meal to us.  After the plates were cleared, the lights suddenly went out.  The waitstaff got the entire second floor of the restaurant singing Happy Birthday To You, including Dad, who didn't realize it was in his honor until the candle-lit tiramisu was placed before him.  Thursday was Thanksgiving with a delicious spread contributed by everyone while Tien and I were in the emergency room (see previous post).  Friday had the extended Chong family gathering at Aunt's and Uncle's home in SF -- so much fun but abnormally quiet for a change.  (Are you getting the gobble-gobble picture yet?)  On Saturday my baby brother Mike turned 40 which required more food and fun at his home.  I offered to bring a selection of cheeses for an appetizer and my thinking-ahead sister Janine suggested I bring the pre-cut variety, hahaha!  Okay, now that I've consummed all that turkey, I'm going to curl up with the kitties and take a cat nap.

Last thought: my fingertip wound has no pain -- how lucky is that?!

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