November 16, 2007

Artisans Studio Show & Sale

After months and months of dedicating stitching, our car is packed and ready to roll to the first of three shows.  As a sort of "good bye" ritual, I photographed a few items so I'll remember them.  I nearly changed my mind about letting go of the kimono silk rag baskets and a few of the dolls.  I worked so closely with them for such a long time they have become a part of me.  Today my basketry teacher, Nadine Spier, sent a link to her website where my basket photo and credit now appear!  I feel honored, to say the least.  I know I can make more thanks to what I learned from Nadine.

Tomorrow, Saturday, I will be at Artisans Studio Show & Sale
held in the home of master quiltmaker, Doria Goocher.  Her quilts will take your breath away.  The first time I saw them, they were displayed with well-deserved blue ribbons.

Last words:  I love to sew.  I sew to sell, then sell what I sew, so I can sew more.  See you at the show!

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mon said...

What a nice doll, i like it sooooo much, all ur hand made things are nice, I wished that u were my teacher one day to learn from u those things, as u know if there is a word more than loving those things, & love to do them, I will use it, God bless u dear