December 26, 2007

73 Degrees on Christmas Day

I still think having Christmas in San Diego is weird.  The sun comes out, the temperature is warm, and we don't bundle up in layers and carry umbrellas.  I haven't gotten used to it.  But it is nice!

We spent the day with Tien's family.  Some of the cousins were in town which made it more fun.  Our gift exchange was prepared a month earlier when the aunties drew names.  These hand-stitched textiles were stuffed inside an envelope from cousin CliffE.  I think maybe I stopped breathing and then shrieked when when I realized what he'd given me!  (He laughed that I hadn't even opened the main gift yet, which had a Maxfield label on it, YUM.)  These examples are used in his Chatav Ectabit clothing.  A tiny pocket in an unusual place might have a bit of trim, so if the wearer moves a certain way causing the pocket to open, a glint catches the eye.  CliffE explained that the beads are precious metals and are sold by weight.  Guess which piece is my favorite?  (wrong; all of them)  If CliffE were a rock star, I'd be a groupie.

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