December 9, 2007

Many Sighs of Relief

Yesterday's show was grand.  The show producers, Suzanne & Steve Fish, prepared well and they meant it when their flyer said, "Rain or Shine!"  Our outside tables were covered with 10'x10' awnings and they were ready with additional huge sheets of plastic for vendors in case of a sudden downpour.  The rain held off and people were out in droves.  All my unnecessary weather worries caused a case of intermittent vertigo which I am still contending with. (How neurotic is that?)  Customers took home silk baskets, lavender pillows and dolls -- I'm ever grateful for their appreciation of my work!  My quiltmaker buddy Nancy (in the photo) benefited too which I hope encourages her to sell in the future.  An hour after the show closed, rain came down in buckets for the rest of the night.

Ahh, a day off.  It's Sunday, a day of rest...

PM Post Script:  in order to safely peel sweet potatoes with a potato peeler, I wore rubber dishwashing gloves.

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