December 15, 2007

Gift Tags Completed

Finished! A couple started out with a layer of oil paintstick colors which I blended, but it didn't look nice, so I dotted acrylic highlights around names. These tags will be stapled to brown wrapping paper. That was pretty fun! I want to try a larger one without names.

So many interests, so little time: I bought a book about tambour work, that is, chain stitching from the wrong side of fabric to create a design. I also needed a tambour hook, which is like a tiny crochet hook. Weaving and needle felting are also curiosities to me. I want to try, but do I want to buy? There are small looms available, as well as needle felting machines (like a sewing machine but does not require thread). Maybe first I'll try Japanese braid weaving on the marudai I brought back from Japan this Spring.

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