December 20, 2007

Ebay Postings

Click on the link above to see more Ebay items.  Sometimes it's difficult to let go.  In the early 1990s I bought a teal green Eddie Bauer coat, full length, water repellant, and thickly lined in down.  Wearing it is like being under the covers:  warm and toasty!  I still have that coat.  Take note, I have been living in San Diego for nearly ten years.  Okay, I've used it a few times:  Good for when I go to SF to see my family; good for going to the snow country; good for standing at the bus stop to wait for Muni...  Ahem, Lauren, it's 70 degrees everyday where you live!  Since I couldn't sell it, I 'made' Tien 'force' me to, so it'll be on Ebay tomorrow.  Bid away, PLEASE.  Otherwise, I'll store it in the top of my closet for a cold and rainy day.  I know already -- the color is so 90s.

I drove north on Interstate 5 to buy my 2008 planner in Encinitas.  Traffic was heavy going south, so I took an alternate route along the beach (the mystical 'ceiling' of clouds when a storm is brewing is so beautiful!).  Although there are two yarn stores on the way home, I was thrifty (haha) and only stopped at one.  Ooh, wool roving colors are vivid!  I have plans to wet small pieces under running water with soap, then roll into balls and rinse.  Once dry, they will be embellished with beads.  Doesn't that sound fun?

I'm going downstairs now to bake banana muffins...

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