December 19, 2007

Clearing My Space

Click on the link above to see my Ebay items.  Ahh, what a relief to put them out there.  It's a beginning, anyway.  My books are all in excellent condition; most are quilting technique.  There are two rag baskets and, FAIR WARNING, they are not the same quality as you may have seen at my shows.  Tomorrow I will list more items.  Project Runway is on tonight, so time to cozy up in my Lazy Girl recliner with a mug of something warm to sip.

For a year after Tien and I married, my desire to create was gone.  My creativity did a disappearing act.  It went flat, vanished, absent, zero, zip, just GONE, and I was terribly concerned, as this was not part of my existence.  I tried the self-help process The Artist's Way, talking to friends, my beautiful mother, my teacher Nancy Wang... everyone I know, to get outta that funk.  But what brought me back to normal was channel surfing and discovering Season 1 of Project Runway on Bravo TV.  Seeing the designers stitching away put me in my place, "Hey, I *DO* that!" and suddenly, my inventiveness was back in full force.  I'm grateful to Creation for this ability I have.

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