December 25, 2007

I'm Still a Child

I'm still a child... in my Mother's eyes.  She often wishes we were babies again which is why she sometimes says strange things to me, "No-no-no-no-no, it's too hot; let ME get it out of the oven," as though this middle-aged daughter of hers has never managed a stove.  Sometimes I feel annoyed, but when I remember it's Mom's wishful thinking, then it's endearing.  Mom pointed out to me this particular Cathy comic strip -- this is truly my mother!

I'm still a child... esp on Christmas morning.  When Janine and I were kids, I was usually the first one awake.  We shared a room so I'd shake her and say, "Come on; let's go check our stockings!"  No matter what our other presents were, Santa left the best stuff for us.  It was magical to see what was wrapped and placed on the hearth.  How did the fat man know what we wanted?!  Then I would reach into the stocking with my name on it in Dad's clear hand to find more goodies:  sweets, small toys, a candy cane and, as we got older, our favorite Chinese-style beef jerky from Jackson Street Market.  Sometimes that little stocking felt endless and I'd go back only to discover more.  Eventually we outgrew the tradition, but it remains my warmest Christmas memory.  I would love to be that child again.  Then Mom and Dad or, er, Santa, would fill our stockings too.

Merry Christmas!

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