December 18, 2007

Kappa for Titus

This kappa is for 14 year old Titus, who is in the hospital recovering from shunt replacement surgery to relieve the effects of hydrocephalus.  Titus is the nephew of my friend Renee Roth.  She tells wonderful stories of a clever young man whose small stature belies a wealth of knowledge and computer skills beyond his age.  We think Titus and Kappa have something in common ;-).  Here's to your speedy recovery, Titus.  Joy to your world!

The pattern for kappa came from a book by Aranzi Aronzo.  They have such fun characters, all of whom I intend to sew (one down, nine to go).  We visited their store in Tokyo -- SO much fun!  Another excellent kappa viewing is the animated series, "How To Raise a Water Imp" on YouTube with English subtitles.


Tydus said...

[This is Titus]

Awesome! I just got out of the hospital on Wednesday and I've been doing better ever since. I actually just took my bandage off an hour or so ago, and my head scar looks like some sort of giant candy cane.

My dad told me that Renee sent him some cool thing about a good luck charm, and sent me to this blog. Is the Kappa a real thing? Do you make them for other people? If so, I'd like to see them. I'll keep reading your blog for other cool stuff...


Lauren Chong Sng said...

TITUS! So glad to hear from you. I've only made two Kappas: one for my husband Tien and one for you. Actually, it was Tien's idea to make Kappa for you. Check out the links in the blog posting for more info on kappas. They are not real, like Big Foot, but people claimed to have seen them. Glad to hear you are doing better! MC2U!