December 27, 2007

M2's Information Gathering

Hmm, "information gathering..."  I like that!  That's Mary Margaret's ("M2") term for mistakes.  I find it a lot more positive-sounding also.  M2 is a fearless artist and charming spirit who sidled up to me and, before I had a chance to take a breath, became my newest, closest and oldest friend.  Isn't it cool when you meet people like that?!  You feel like you've known each other forever and are unafraid to share secrets.

We spent the afternoon playing in the sewing room.  M2 brought a textile sandwich which she composed in her Texas studio.  The 'bread' was sheer fabrics and the 'meat' was a smorgasbord of clipped tulle, netting, satins and thread bits, mostly synthetics, all in soft muted colors, save for cotton candy pinks and peacock greens.  She instructed me to add a heavy base so I chose an upholstery-weight scrap, then free-motion stitched the layers in a random pattern, just enough to hold the small fabrics in place.  The next step was burning through the fabrics with an embossing heat tool.  The layers peeled back to reveal underlying colors framed by textures of melted fibers.  Ooh, this is so neat!  The fun is the surprise of it all.  I'll work the 'sandwich' a bit more to share another day.  In the meantime, here are other samples, plus an apple head that M2 carved while we gossiped over tea and cookies.  Man, if everyday could be like this...  Having someone fearless standing by makes things lively -- M2 is my new hero.

To Omneya in Cairo, Egypt: Happiest of birthdays to you, my creative friend!

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