December 2, 2007

Pretty Darn Happy

I have nothing to show, but I have bits to share.

My mom reported my 7 year old nephew Ryan made a stuffed animal!  I have not seen the creature yet, but he used his new sewing skills for construction.  When I was home over Thanksgiving, Ryan came to me with a small sewing kit, asking, "Auntie Lerwy, can you teach me to knit?"  He didn't yet know the difference.  The next day, we inspected the seam of his shirt to see how the front and the back were held together.  Next I named the notions in his sewing kit, then we gathered materials for his first project:  a white paper towel torn in half, colored thread, scissors, straight pins and a needle.  He pinned the paper towel together, made a knot at the end of the red thread, then learned how to sew running stitches to hold together the paper towel pieces.  Ryan also learned to back stitch and make an end knot.  He was proud of his work and we admired the seam afterwards.  When his mother arrived later, he proclaimed, "Mommy, look what I made!  Look at my seam!" as he held it open for inspection.  What a joy this munchkin is.  I love teaching him things I know.  Luckily, he does not ask for advice on sports.

I spent part of the day sewing labels onto a small pile of kimono fabrics.  Since my lavender order will not arrive for a few days, I quit early and jumped onto the computer to do my Christmas shopping.

Several years ago, my family began distributing wish lists.  It has made gift exchanges much easier.  We each give what others want and we receive what we'd like.  Online shopping is also a green approach:  better than driving all over town searching for 'the perfect gift' and then wrap/ship to SF (we are staying in SD this Christmas).  I want to make brown paper bags with the fronts decorated with paints, rubber stamped images, yarn, collage pieces and to/from names.  It will be fun to make miniature artworks.  Then, the bags will be mailed to my Mom who will help me unpack the gifts (mostly from one website) and place into the decorated bags.  I hope to make a mess on my work table -- the challenge will be to loosen up/let go.

Made My Day:  My lovely basketry teacher Nadine Spier forwarded my compliments to Michael Rodhe whom I blogged about.  He wrote back to her, saying he read my blog, was also impressed with my work, and the thought and energy that goes into what I do.  Wow!  I considered learning his knotting technique until Nadine told me it takes months to complete an object.  Now I'm even more in awe of his work.  I'd better stick to needle and thread.

Gosh, I've been full of smiles all day!

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