December 24, 2007


Tien does not read my blog, so you get to see his Christmas present before he does.  Usotsuki is this character's name and is also a homonym for the word "liar" in Japanese.  Usotsuki cannot tell the truth, but he is thoughtful and altogether okay.  He is reviewing a few more goodies which I intend to post on Ebay.  The pattern for Usotsuki came from a book by Aranzi Aronzo.  Their characters are a crack-up.  I want to sew all of them (two down, eight to go).  We visited their store in Tokyo, although they hail from Osaka where my pal Masami lives.  She's been to the store there and got me several treasures!

Last night I read something shocking -- shocking to me, anyway.  It is no longer necessary or useful to type two spaces after a period, contrary to what I was taught in typing class.  Apparently, all newpapers, magazines and books adhere to this new rule because letters are proportionally spaced now, compared to when we used typewriters.  Is this common knowledge?  I don't know if I'll be able to, or even want to, conform.  Many don't bother with two spaces, but I thought it was because they were self-taught typists or rebels.

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Anonymous said...

It IS upsetting typing only 1 space after a period! I am a holdout in our office. They'll have to pry those two spaces out of my cold, dead hands!