December 22, 2007

Felted Beads

My first attempt at making round felted beads was a major hilariously disgusting failure.  I grabbed small pieces of purple, plum and magenta roving, wet them in the sink with some liquid soap, and started rolling.  Ugh, I thought, this isn't right.  The 'ball' was lumpy and the colors weren't blending.  I gave up on the wad and began shaping it into a roll for the heck of it.  I rinsed it and towel-dried it.  I ended up with something resembling tri-color cat poo.

Second attempt was with magenta roving only.  Same incorrect technique, but with slightly better results.  It was round but had 'cracks' in it.

Then I found an awesome tutorial by a generous knitter and followed exactly as she wrote.  Using yellow roving with a bit of purple, my bead came out PERFECTLY!  This is a happy girl's felted bead.  More to come!

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