January 17, 2008

AA Fukubukuro & Hair

"Fukubukuro" means "lucky bag" in Japanese.  Stores put them together to sell for the new year, the contents of which are usually a surprise.  I ordered online from Aranzi Aronzo -- they only sell these for a limited period of time to customers outside of Japan.  There are so many goodies:  tool box, year-of-the-rat mouse pad, tote bag, fleece blanket and bag, vinyl pouch, leather zip bag, paper cube, pen/pencil set, pitcher, glass food containers, rathankerchief, wrapping cloth, stickers and envelopes.  Hmm, this is turning into a shopping blog -- unintentional!

The doll's hair is finished.  Although I like it, I thought she might have big hair, esp after yesterday's photo of her laying on the pile of yarn.  However, this is what she has and this is how she'll stay.  I'm satisfied with my good work and am ready to move on to the next doll.

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