January 5, 2008

Coptic Stitch Bookbinding

In previous posts, I prepared materials for three journals made from paper grocery bags.  I did a search for tutorials to learn the binding technique and this is the result of my first try.  Not so nice from the outside, but fair.  It's too tight.

This is my second attempt.  It's sewn a little looser, but not up to the standard I hoped for.  This one incorporates beads.

I'll try again one more time.  Now that I've made the necessary mistakes, the next one should be just the way I want it to be.  When I showed Tien, he asked me what the books are for.  Painting, scribbling, rubber stamping, writing, collage, testing new methods... who knows yet?  I just like the texture and the floppy nature of the pages.  Judy Wise does wonderful things in hers.

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