January 29, 2008

Does This Look Like Water?

I'm back to working on the Firestorm Doll.  She'll have water falling from her hand as though from an air tanker.  Now, how do I translate water to textiles?  Not sure if anyone is going to get it, but this is what I came up with.  It's heated Tyvek strips, irridescent seedbeads and a teardrop at the end.  I'll make several more before assembling.  I also thought about using white silk falling out of a bucket (Plan B).  First, let's see how far we get with Tyvek.  You can see the burn marks on my canvas-covered worktable (gigantic ironing surface).

Hmm, how do I make an air tanker?  I love these kinds of challenges.  This cool photo of a converted DC-10 was taken from a Riverside county news website.

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