January 24, 2008

It's Raining, It's Pouring

Cats and dogs are raining in San Diego.  Drought conditions in this semi-desert area is no fun, so this downpour is wonderful.  Keep it comin'!

I need your help.  Which hair color do you like best?  It's easy to let me know.  At bottom of this post,

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Don't be shy!  I would luuvvv to hear from you -- credit card and SSN are not required.


Weynea said...

How about dark grey with a bit of orange?

m2 said...

looking back on "self torture" jan 21, where I can see a little more of her body and outfit, the orange looks pretty dramatic, what about adding either some flowers to her hair or strings of beads in the colors that are in the fabric.

Sarah said...

Orange.. it compl the other fabric.

Tho, the gray is beautiful as well -- very EmmyLou Harris-esque