January 15, 2008

Library Book Sale

Regarding felted beads, I thought I'd do a few at a time and end up with lots.  It won't be going that way, I'm sad to say.  I made two more and my shoulders are aching.  This must be a sign to move on.

While waiting to heal (excuse), I went to the library to get a few books for their aged appearances, and left with a fully loaded paper grocery bag.  For $13, I scored a cache of reading material, plus ruined tomes that won't bring guilt after cutting images or antique-y text.  For book collectors, one hardback was 50cents, signed by the authors, with the original dust jacket, and in fair condition.  The price for the same title on an antiquarian bookseller's site is $40!  It's a lovely little volume.

Last thought: I sold all those books on Ebay because I knew I would need space for these?!  Silly girl.

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