January 11, 2008

Magellan, by M2

My friend M2 made this FANTASTIC collaged card for me!  I love it and have been smiling about it ever since I opened the envelope.  It's her photo of Magellan which shows off his shiny black coat, printed onto kimono silk, then painted too -- guess where the silk came from (wink).  Between Magellan, M2, and Me, there are plenty of "M"s to go around, hence the initials among the hearts.  I'm thrilled with this lovely piece of art.  I keep looking at it.  She captured his round saucer-like eyes.

I told you the orange kimono silk would eventually turn up!  I didn't expect it to be quite so soon, but while digging out Firestorm Doll, the silk was in the same box with other unfinished dolls.  That never happens to me!  Usually it's months later, heehee.

We had dinner at a new restaurant and it was yummy.  Normally I prefer grilled foie gras, but they served a "sea salt cured terrine" that was out-of-this-world-delicious.  My cheese plate dessert included the strongest cheese ever.  I luuvvv strong cheeses, but this was AWFUL.  It was a creamy goat's milk surrounded by black crust that is normally present as the veins in bleu cheese.  Tien likes only mild cheeses, but he was curious enough about my bad reaction to try it!  Blechhh.

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