January 30, 2008

Online Checkers w/ Ryan

This is my nephew Ryan, the little craftsman that loves to make things with me.  Although he is 7 years old now, he was 5 here and this photo still cracks me up.  I don't know where he learned to stuff Kleenex into his ears, but his big smile shows how delighted he is with his tricks.  Ryan and I talk a lot on Skype.  We both have cameras and mics on our computers and, for as long as he has permission, we can talk for free for as long as we want.  Today we played an online game of checkers -- WOW, that was really neat.  When was the last time you played checkers?  For me it's been a few decades and, while I remembered multiple jumps, I completely forgot about "kings."  Ryan wants to re-teach me chess, yikes.  Isn't there online sewing or something?

I've almost got enough beaded Tyvek.  If I stay on track, I might have the beading done by tomorrow.  The knitted wrap grew a few more rows too while we watched videos w/ bro-in-law Kuanza.  GOSH, those yarns are gorgeous.

Poll Results:  2 daily readers and 3 every other day.  The poll was intended to make my blog a bit more interactive, but only 5 people chimed in.  No matter -- I'm grateful you're reading this!  Anybody want to suggest questions for another poll? (wink)

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