January 2, 2008

Sewing Magnets to Paper

Do you still write thank you notes?  I do.  Some are emails and some are handwritten on stationery with postage stamps.  I'm old-fashioned that way...  When we were little, my beautiful Mother insisted on it after Christmas and birthdays.  The chore feels right and proper to me.

Project Runway kept me glued to the TV for an hour.  While watching, I sewed magnets to the cover of my 2008 planner.  That way, the book stays closed with notes that are sometimes tucked inside.  Try sewing a magnet and you'll find how attracted your needle is to it!  My lovely Father bought me a bunch of these really cool magnets with a hole in the center.  They are so strong that several of them can secure a lap-sized quilt to a metal curtain rod for photography.  Once, when the magnets were in two bunches, they slammed together and broke skin, causing a bit of blood to trickle from my hand -- that's how strong they are.

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