January 16, 2008

Surprise Package

I went to a different library and scooped up more books:  the diary of a 15-year-old daughter of an English noble; The Complete Poetical Works of Byron; and an 1897 printing of The Little Minister by JM Barrie (who wrote Peter Pan).  Amazing, and only $13.

And if new/old books weren't enough to make my day, there was a sort of "fukubukuro" on my doorstep from Masami in Osaka!!  For my upcoming birthday, she said, all of her favorite snacks for me to try, and a couple of Hello Kitty items too.  If only she could have heard my squeals of delight!  Tien and I tried two packages this evening --I love arare.  How lucky I am to have such a generous friend.

Not much progress on the doll, but I did gather yarn for her hair.  What do you think her name should be?  Leave a comment (even if it's anonymous) and I'll choose from your suggestions.

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