January 28, 2008

Thread Catcher & Pincushion

I'm sure you've seen these before.  Too frugal to buy a pattern, I made it up as I went along.  The thread catcher is two bags stitched from scraps from a flannel quilt project.  I sewed a narrow casing at the top for plastic boning to keep it open.  The pincushion is 4.5" square.  It is filled with one cup of crushed walnut shells that costs $2 and handsewn closed.  Lastly I made a 'belt' to connect the pieces.  All the pieces come together with buttons.  This is meant for my sewing machine, but it will also hang nicely on the arm of my La-Z-Girl recliner.  Crushed walnut shells can be purchased at pet supply stores in the aviary section as bird litter:  $7 for 7 lbs.  See, I got ripped off.
NOTE added 22Feb:  If I were to make this again, the thread bag would be shallow, since thread scraps take little space.  Plus, this bag practically sits on my lap.

These chemo caps are going to cousin Mei Lin in NY for her friend undergoing chemotherapy.  If anyone reading this knows a cancer patient who needs to keep her/his head warm, send me your friend's home address and $3 to cover cost of yarn/postage.  I'll be happy to send a cap.

This has little to do with anything on my blog, but you've got to see it (pun intended).  More here.  Mostly, I'm intrigued by the possibility.

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Sarah said...

what about purchasing some "plastic" material -- y'know the stuff you see to make a raincoat or the picnic table stuff for the insite of your thread catcher.. I was thinking it would be easier to grab the threads when you are emptying it. .. do the threads stick to the flannel? It's very loverly. Naomi would love it!!!