February 1, 2008

Air Tanker

Here's my version of an air tanker to be held in the hand of Firestorm Doll.  It's made of Tyvek and Sumo Glue, and setting to dry overnight.  In the meantime, Firestorm Doll is at the salon getting her hair done.  Please click on the name you like best:  (a) Cedartha (play on the names Cedar Fire and Siddartha, the Herman Hesse novel); (b) Flame Dame (puh-leez!); (c) Aquaria, Bearer of Water; or (d) Cinder-Ella (buddy Sarah's excellent suggestion).  Any other suggestions, please send via Comments (still trying to make this blog interactive, wink).

Speaking of Aquarius, today is my Bird Day!

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Anonymous said...

happy B day. m2