February 18, 2008

Basket Weaving Jokes

You know all those basket weaving jokes about easy-to-pass classes?  Basketry is a lot harder than people think and does not come easily to me.  The difficulty is in the fragile nature of dried plant material which breaks under a heavy or unfamiliar hand.

I ended my project early.  The intention was to make a shallow bowl, but the desire is not there.  I still like what I did and am proud of my work.  I want to try things at least once and here it is.  The sweet grass will retain its scent, but the colors will mellow into pale gold.  The finished size is 3.73" x 3.5".

The doll is finished.  I like the way her face turned out and the hair is gorgeous.  I love big hair and this shape reminds me of M2's do.  This doll is a gift for my friend Renee.

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