February 9, 2008

Changing Gears: Aprons

This is my blind hem machine, one of four sewing machines I own.  It was handy when I sewed made-to-order curtains for clients of interior designer pal Benjamin Garduño, our "Minister of Design."  (Each machine has a specific purpose:  standard sewing; serger; embroidery; and hems.  I've been fantasizing about a needle felting Embellisher machine too, but it would be difficult for Tien to understand a purchase of a machine that requires no thread!)

The hem machine's needle is curved for taking up just a thread or two of fabric on a pre-folded and pressed hem to invisibly sew a chain stitch.  The motor is powerful -- it feels like a race horse that wants to take off on its own.

I'm sewing aprons and the hems look perfect.  Here is a sample of the face fabric hem and the back side hem.  Pretty cool, right?

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Is this done with that hemming machine? Wow... can you demonstrate one afternoon in person?