February 8, 2008


After propping Firestorm Doll on a stand, I decided Pattice should have one too.  Her purple train would drape nicely, so I decoupaged a 99 cent wood plaque.  Remember those old books I got a few weeks ago?  One is in French and, although quite old (1920 inscription), its value is only a few dollars, making it a guilt-free candidate for torn pages.  The tearing sound of old, dry paper was strangely lovely.  Those unsolicited credit card applications that come in the mail are often accompanied by faux bank cards -- they make great glue squeegees.  Next the plaque will get a coat or two of polyurethane and Pattice will be able to stand on her own.  I just gave myself an idea:  Maybe the next stand could be a book.

I found this picture on SFGate.com -- this would make a cool hairdo on a doll.  It looks like a bouquet of giant yarn donuts.

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