February 25, 2008

Double Yo-Yo and Starch

I'm diggin' these yo-yo embellishments!  Ahh, MUCH better.

My pal Nancy recommends starching 100% cotton fabrics before cutting.  She uses it for quiltmaking and it is esp good for working with half-square triangles cut/sewn on the bias.  I tried aerosol spray starch and always marvel at the crispness.  I like "heavy" starch.  Wal-Mart sells Sta-Flo liquid concentrated starch in 64 oz bottles.  Mix the starch with water and pour into a spray bottle.  Historical note:  when collars were separate pieces from shirts, they were soaked in starch and pressed.  Dirt and perspiration accumulated on the starch, not on the collar, and washed out easily.

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