February 26, 2008

New/Old Apron

ADORABLE!  I love this apron.  All it needs is a solid color waistband with ties to match the skirt.  The shape came from my Mom's 1960 Christmas issue of Better Homes & Gardens.  The full apron design has a strapless bib held up with boning, and is secured around your middle with the usual waist ties, but I omitted the bib in favor of the cute skirt.  More of these to come.  This is a sample to see if the pattern works, so I get to keep it, but I'm so short that food-prep-splatters will get me anyway!  Almost 50 years later, the girth of most Americans has increased since the 1960s, so the pattern will require enlarging.

After seven years without mechanical issues, my poor little car was rendered helpless by a broken idle sensor, according to Dale the tow truck driver who owns an M3.  I feel better knowing we won't have to replace the car.

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